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From Branko ─îibej <>
Subject Re: Recursive operations and authz
Date Thu, 14 May 2015 12:12:52 GMT
On 13.05.2015 15:24, C. Michael Pilato wrote:
> I lean towards thinking that falls outside the scope of acceptable
> changes in behavior in the 1.x line *unless* you can find a way to,
> via configuration, allow administrators to explicitly toggle this new
> paradigm.

I've been thinking about a reasonable way to do this. Config files are
out, IMO, because this should really be per-authz-file behaviour, not
per-server or per-repository.

On the authzperf branch, we came up with an extended,
backward-compatible authz rule syntax that allows us to add different
options to authz rules without causing clashes with existing syntax
(see: "New Rule Syntax for Wildcard Rules" in

With that in mind, we could teach the trunk/1.9 authz parser to
recognize an optional "[:config:]" section, in which we could add
options that control the behaviour of the rules in the authz file; a
'copy-target-requires-recursive-access' option could then control the
behaviour we've been discussing; whit the default, of course, being
'true' for backwards compatibility.

-- Brane

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