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From Evgeny Kotkov <>
Subject Re: [RFC/PATCH] Modifying internal FS transaction properties
Date Tue, 03 Mar 2015 12:45:37 GMT
Julian Foad <> writes:

>> Using svn:date to store txn creation date doesnt't work so well now that
>> we allow clients to set svn:date.  It might have been better if the txn
>> creation date was stored in a separate txn property that was deleted on
>> commit.  If we were to do that then we would need to expose the internal
>> txn value, which would mean svn_fs_txn_prop/proplist could not hide all
>> internal txn props.
> Or svn_fs_txn_prop/proplist *could* hide all internal txn props, and we
> could add another API for svnadmin to view the txn-creation date.

Okay, here is what I am about to do:

1) Exploit the BDB problem with SVN_FS_TXN_CLIENT_DATE not working as
   expected in a separate test.  Probably, I am also going to create an issue,
   because without a fix we'd be shipping Subversion 1.9 with a new transaction
   flag that doesn't work properly on every FS backend.

2) Change svn_fs_txn_proplist() and svn_fs_txn_prop() to hide the internal
   transaction properties like svn:check-locks and squash this change into the
   V1 patch.  This change would not affect the visibility of svn:date property
   for transactions, because the property is not internal; we are only going to
   stop exposing svn:check-ood, svn:check-locks and svn:client-date in our
   FS API calls.

Evgeny Kotkov

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