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From Erik Huelsmann <>
Subject Re: AW: Convenient array & hash iterators & accessors
Date Fri, 13 Mar 2015 14:07:58 GMT
> > @Julian, do you have a specific area of our code that would most benefit
> > from "moving 'up' from C"? Preferably some part of code that's currently
> > very much in flux?
> 'svnmover' on the 'move-tracking-2' branch. It includes both 'client'
> and 'library' code, and I'm moving code freely between the two as I
> figure out what is the best layering. So it's important that a
> language would be good in both roles.

Well, Lua supports calling both ways. A call isn't a straight C call,
though (in Lua, it's a straight Lua function invocation), but a call that
follows a certain calling protocol. Going from Lua to pure C or pure C to
Lua requires a bit of glue code much like sqlite does for its parameter

Am I right that if we were to run this experiment with the move-tracking-2
branch code, that the entire client and library would be subject to
conversion to the higher level language?


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