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From Erik Huelsmann <>
Subject Re: AW: Convenient array & hash iterators & accessors
Date Fri, 13 Mar 2015 14:45:38 GMT
> > Am I right that if we were to run this experiment with the
> > move-tracking-2 branch code, that the entire client and library would
> > be subject to conversion to the higher level language?
> No! That would be literally years of rewriting and debugging and
> re-testing, not to mention interesting interfacing with the rest of the
> (pool-bound) code.

Heh :-) I meant the branch-specific code -- not *all* of the client and
library! I have no idea what that means, because I didn't study the code
closely (yet). I'll need some directions on where to look for the
branch-specific code so I can try to figure out where to hook Lua in.


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