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From Chris <>
Subject diff --summarize --ignore-properties
Date Mon, 23 Mar 2015 09:43:20 GMT

searching for previous information on a problem I'm checking up on, I found the below discusion
on this list:
I apologize if this is the wrong list for posting this query, but figured I'd continue on
the same list as the above discussion.

Does the response on that thread indicate that this is not a bug and therefore will not be
If so, that sounds very unfortunate as this seems to be causing users quite a bit of confusion.
I'm admin for a semi-large (company-internal) project running off subversion and I've had
questions many times related to why users are seeing files listed in the summarize-output
and then when re-running the same command without --summarize, those files don't appear in
the diff.

That is, if
  svn diff --ignore-properties --summarize URL1@X URL2@Y
lists 10 files, then users would expect
  svn diff --ignore-properties  URL1@X URL2@Y
to also list those same 10 files and not be down to 1 if the other 9 were only propeties.

If it is so that summarize does not accept -ignore-properties and that's the intended behavior,
then why doesn't it throw an error message at the user when using these two flags together
instead of silently ignoring "--ignore-properties"?
Please consider either adding this "filtering", or an error message in future releases.


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