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From Evgeny Kotkov <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r1659013 - /subversion/trunk/subversion/libsvn_subr/dso.c
Date Thu, 12 Feb 2015 12:26:57 GMT
Philip Martin <> writes:

> Wrap svn_dso_initialize2 call with svn_atomic__init_once, this
> fixes a crash in the DSO hash code when running the C tests in
> parallel.
> * subversion/libsvn_subr/dso.c
>   (atomic_init_func): New.
>   (svn_dso_load): Use svn_atomic__init_once.

I think we should also address this problem in our test suite.  As I see, this
change avoids segfaults with --enable-runtime-module-search, but there is more
to it.  Documentation for svn_dso_initialize2() states the following (by the
way, the "will not be entirely thread safe" part is now outdated, right?):

 * @note This should be called prior to the creation of any pool that
 *       is passed to a function that comes from a DSO, otherwise you
 *       risk having the DSO unloaded before all pool cleanup callbacks
 *       that live in the DSO have been executed.  If it is not called
 *       prior to @c svn_dso_load being used for the first time there
 *       will be a best effort attempt made to initialize the subsystem,
 *       but it will not be entirely thread safe and it risks running
 *       into the previously mentioned problems with DSO unloading and
 *       pool cleanup callbacks.

I am not sure that taking some risks within the test suite is a good idea,
and I think that we should call functions like svn_dso_initialize2() and
svn_fs_initialize().  If we don't, everything might still work fine, but it
also might not, and we could spend a lot of time debugging random failures
if a test runs into one of these pitfalls happening due to the absense of
explicit initialization.  We do call these initializers in mod_dav_svn, svn,
svnserve — so why not also do the same in the test programs?

I don't see a reason to use a custom way of bootstrapping things within
svn_test_main(), as opposed to main() functions in svn, svnadmin and other
command-line tools, and I attached a patch that brings this common approach
to svn_test_main().  Quick inspection shows a couple of other programs that
should probably do the same, e.g., atomic-ra-revprop-change.  However, I
think this is less important, and that we could do it separately.

What do you think?

Evgeny Kotkov

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