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From Julian Foad <>
Subject Re: Removing leftover backport branches
Date Mon, 08 Dec 2014 16:07:58 GMT
Stefan Fuhrmann wrote:
> Looking through ^/subversion/branches, I found that there are many
> backport branches that are not mentioned in any STATUS file.

> 1.8.x
> Julian: 1.8.x-r1619380 (not modified)

Ugh. Thanks for reporting this discrepancy. There is a mess here.

First, it IS modified; I committed the branch creation and modification together ;-)

It was proposed for backport, but the process went wrong.

"svn log --stop-on-copy --search 1619380 --diff" shows:

In r1619394 I "Nominate r1619380 group (diffing a copied dir with props)".

In r1619401 I "Mention the backport branch for the r1619380 group" ... by adding this to the

+   Branch:
+     ^/subversion/branches/1.8.x-r1611379

Oops, I wrote the wrong branch name (copy-and-paste-o). My apologies.

Then Bert and Stefan approve this nomination, and in r1640665 the 'svn-role' robot merges
the mentioned (wrong) branch.

The r1611379 branch was for a separate nomination, "Fix revprop caching initialization delays
for ra_serf on Windows". It was first mentioned in STATUS in r1612544 and was WITHDRAWN in
r1620644, replaced by r1619774 "Disable the revprop caching feature".

But it has been merged anyway. So now we need to:

  * undo the merge of the 1.8.x-r1611379 branch

  * re-nominate my original nomination.

- Julian

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