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From Ben Reser <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Redirect from old HACKING GUIDE that shows up as Nr.2 in Google search, to current Community Guide
Date Tue, 10 Jun 2014 15:25:13 GMT
On 6/10/14, 4:43 AM, Gabriela Gibson wrote:
> I was surprised
> that Google localises that kind of search.   Shopping stuff being local I can
> understand, but localising tech info seems strange to me.

Even in the same location you may get different results based on different
search histories.  Google does what it can to try and provide what it thinks is
the most relevant result for you.

> Maybe we should delete just the beef of the branch and keep the redirect, and
> so hold on to that 2nd place in the referrals which comes up for Bert?  People
> will still be looking for the 'Hacking Guide' because it had this name for
> years, so it would be good to make us easy to find.

I think that's a short term view.  Give it a few days and this branch result
will disappear completely once the Googlebot gets back around to crawling it
since I already deleted the branch.

> Regards renaming, maybe we could add the word 'Guide' to the current page after
> 'Hacking', in the box after the main title, so instead of 'Subversion Community
> Guide (aka "Hacking")' we'd have 'Subversion Community Guide (aka "Hacking
> Guide")'.
> Another thing we could do is add the term 'Hacking Guide' as a meta tag.

Both of these suggestions seem good to me.  This should result in the search
term showing up on Google.

Obviously, they'll take longer to show up correctly in Google since we have to
wait for the bot to crawl the page again, but in the long term it'll be better
for users than redirecting them off a wrong page.

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