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From Julian Foad <>
Subject Re: --strict vs --no-newline
Date Tue, 17 Jun 2014 15:56:41 GMT
Johan Corveleyn wrote:

> Julian Foad wrote:
> ...
>>  Do we really want a new subcommand "svn youngest" for this?
>>  We already have:
>>    svnversion
>>      # youngest rev in a WC
>>    svn info $URL | grep 'Revision:'
>>      # head revision of repo in which $URL exists
> Not exactly. It would give you "Revision: 12345", not "12345".

Yes. The point is, the information is already there, and is accessed through the 'svn info'

> I think it would be nice if 'svn info' supported a "key" 
> option, so:
>     svn info --key Revision $URL
>     12345
> (or --name, or --whatever).
> Then we'd also have:
>     svn info --key "Working Copy Root Path" some/path
>     C:\MyWorkingCopy

Yes: without selecting a specific colour to paint this bike shed, I like this kind of interface.
The "svn info" UI is already designed to display this kind of information, so let's just make
it display it in a more convenient form rather than adding new subcommand for "youngest" and
then deciding whether to implement a new subcommand again for each additional bit of info
that we might like to access such as repo-UUID, file size, last committed rev, and so on.

Also: if the primary use case for adding 'svn youngest' was for use in 'svnmucc' work flows,
then maybe 'svnmucc' should be providing a 'youngest' command or some other kind of solution
to that particular problem-space.

- Julian

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