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From Julian Foad <>
Subject Re: --strict vs --no-newline
Date Tue, 17 Jun 2014 11:09:32 GMT
Julian Foad wrote:

[We had]
>   * svnversion --no-newline
>   * svn propget --strict           # basically means no-newline

    * svnlook youngest

    * svn youngest --no-newline

and I just added a --no-newline option to 'svnlook youngest':

    * svnlook youngest --no-newline

But now I notice that 'svnlook youngest' is the only 'svnlook' subcommand for which the '--no-newline'
option is implemented, out of about seven commands for which it would make sense.

$ svnlook --help
   author               ALWAYS adds a newline
   date                 ALWAYS adds a newline
   filesize             ALWAYS adds a newline
   help (?, h)
   log                  ALWAYS adds a newline
   propget (pget, pg)   NEVER adds a newline
   proplist (plist, pl)
   uuid                 ALWAYS adds a newline
   youngest             OPTIONALLY adds a newline

Do we really want a new subcommand "svn youngest" for this?

We already have:

    # youngest rev in a WC

  svn info $URL | grep 'Revision:'
    # head revision of repo in which $URL exists

  svn info $URL | grep 'Last Changed Rev:'
    # youngest commit to file or subtree at URL

  svnversion --committed PATH
    # youngest commit to file or subtree at PATH

  svn info | grep 'UUID:'
    # repo UUID of repo at 

> Now I intend to:
>   * make 'svn propget --strict --show-inherited-props' error out;
>   * make 'svn propget --no-newline' an alias for 'svn propget 
> --strict'.

> How to do the latter, exactly? Either make '--strict' an option-name 
> alias for '--no-newline', in which case 'svn youngest --strict' 
> will become an available option; or keep the two options separate and have 
> 'propget' accept both (with the same behaviour) and 'youngest' 
> only accept '--no-newline'. Which is the cleaner UI, the one with fewer 
> invocation options for the user or the one with fewer irregularities?

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