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From Mattias EngdegÄrd <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] generate subversion.pot in
Date Tue, 20 May 2014 19:21:42 GMT
20 maj 2014 kl. 17.57 skrev Ben Reser:

> Why should the pot file be present in the distribution package?   
> Shouldn't
> translators be working against a SVN checkout and not a distribution  
> package?

The goal is to permit us to use a different translation model, where  
translators aren't working directly in the SVN tree but on .pot files  
or source distributions that we give them.

The Translation Project, which I'd like to try first, works by having  
the developers sending either the .pot file, or an URL to a source  
archive containing the .pot, to the translators:

Since we already have a number of existing more or less complete  
translations, and (from my own experience) having access to the source  
code is very valuable for several of the strings in the catalogue, we  
should include the .pot in the source distribution.

> Looking at the output on 1.8.x it adds 348 KB of uncompressed size  
> to our
> source.  That's obviously not a huge problem, but I just don't  
> understand what
> value this really creates.

That kind of data is highly compressible, and even more so given the  
fact that it will be compressed together with the rest of the source  
which already includes all the strings in the file.

>  For most of users this is useless (they aren't
> translators).  For those that need it, it's trivially created.

If translators need to run build scripts in order to generate the .pot  
file they need, we may never get anything from them.

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