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From Peter Weinert <>
Subject unable to commit in linked subdirectory of repository checkout
Date Mon, 03 Jun 2013 10:48:17 GMT
system: linux
subversion: v1.7.x

this problem starts when using version 1.7 of subversion.
until 1.6 every sub-dir had its own '.svn', so wherever i was, all information to commit update
was available.
now there's only one, where one checked out the repo.
this is problematic when having somewhere else a symbolc-link to a sub-dir of that checkout.
it's impossible to do anything with svn on that link because svn can't find the repository
data and always returns:

svn: E155007: ' .... filename ..... ' is not a working copy

because of many automated process / web-server-scripts / etc. that access the data in our
case, it would be very 
beneficient if such things would still be possible with svn 1.7... otherwise  we'd be stuck
with last release of v1.6, 
because it would mean to rewrite a very large amount of scripts to adapt to such changes...

suggestion: have a symbolic link (on supported systems, like linux, unix, etc.) that points
to the .svn-dir where the 
base-path of the checkout can be determined and therefore the repositry-url, etc.


Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best Regards

Peter Weinert

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