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From Peter Samuelson <>
Subject Re: [serf-dev] Serf issue #102 and 1.8.0 release timing
Date Tue, 04 Jun 2013 08:47:08 GMT

[Greg Stein]
> But I'll go one step further: you shouldn't care at all.
> I could release 1.2.2 tomorrow with all kinds of crap. Or maybe the
> day after 1.8.0 goes final. Not much you can do about it. Subversion
> needs to soak its own code, not the entire dependency stack.

You could, but 1.2.2 would not be the minimum required version of serf.
That makes all the difference.  serf 1.2.1 is the minimum requirement
for svn 1.8.0 (well, if you want http+https and digest auth!), so if it
_does_ turn out to be buggy, people can't just fall back on serf 1.2.0
or serf 1.1.0.  That is why the question matters: "is 1.2.1 similar
enough to 1.2.0 that a soak in which people were testing with 1.2.0 is
still valid for 1.2.1?"

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