As another data point, I have hit this text-as-binary myself just a few weeks ago when I added a bunch of HTML files to a local repository - so, it's definitely occurring automatically.  I did not have a chance to dig into why the magic detection failed so miserably...  -- justin

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> When a binary mime-type is set on a file that looks like a text file,
> make the 'svn' client print a warning about potential future problems
> with operations such as diff, merge, and blame.
> This is only done during local propset for now, because the file needs
> to be present on disk to detect its mime-type.
> See for related discussion: http://mail-
> dev/201301.mbox/

>From my users I hear that another way this property is introduced is via conversions from other version management systems. Visual SourceSafe (long dead, but still used in a lot of small shops) marks UTF-8 files with a BOM as binary when it does an auto detect.
(Well what would you guess for a system that wasn’t really updated since that format became popular)

Most conversion tools just copy the binary flag, and there you have this problem on all your historic utf-8 files.
(Where I worked we had this problem on all .xml files previously stored in sourcesafe).

I don't see a lot of users accidentally adding invalid properties themselves.