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From Shivani Poddar <>
Subject Regarding project proposals for GSoC 2013
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2013 21:48:51 GMT

I would like to indicate the recent announcement about GSOC 2013    : Blog
post announcing GSOC

Also having an amazing prior experience of contributing for Subversion, I
am looking forward to contributing into a project for Subversion again as a
part of Gsoc 2013.A project suggestion which I find particularly appealing
is cited below.

*This was also listed as one of the projects from Subversion in one of the
prior programs and stays featured on the OPW page too.* (But I believe
hasn't been worked on yet)

*"Improve bindings to other programming languages.*
* *

*One of Subversion's strengths is that it offers a rich set of "binding
surfaces": APIs that are available not only in C (Subversion's native
language) but in other programming languages as well (currently Perl,
Python, Ruby, and Java).*
* *

*Some of these language bindings are maintained via SWIG<>,
a tool that partially automates the process of generating bindings, while
others are maintained by hand. Many of the bindings do not have complete
coverage yet, or have interface problems where they do have coverage (for
instance, they might not expose all API elements of the latest Subversion
release). So even though the bindings are used in many production systems,
and used to build popular Subversion clients such as
there's still plenty of work to do.*
* *

*Another huge problem for users of the bindings is a lack of proper
documentation <> specific
to the bindings."*

It would be great if someone would like to mentor it for GSOC 2013.

Shivani Poddar,
#irc-nick -> trinity_28
International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad

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