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From Stefan Sperling <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r1441814 - in /subversion/trunk/subversion: svn/
Date Sun, 03 Feb 2013 13:07:53 GMT
On Sun, Feb 03, 2013 at 07:42:42AM -0500, Justin Erenkrantz wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 3, 2013 at 6:42 AM, Stefan Sperling <> wrote:
> > Perhaps we should treat mime-types that contain 'charset=UTF-8'
> > as text by default? libmagic is able to detect the charset AFAIK.
> > Our code currently removes charset information from the mime-type
> > returned by libmagic.
> >
> > I don't really like the idea of adding yet another special case
> > to our definition of what a "text" mime-type is. But it might
> > be worth doing this if it impacts a lot of people.
> >
> % file -i -k index.shtml
> index.shtml: application/xml; charset=us-ascii
> Not all of us use UTF-8, but yes the sentiment is valid.  =)  I do wonder
> if printing out this new message saying SVN considers XML files as binary
> is going to increase the amount of people realizing that they are tripping
> over this.  -- justin

The new warning isn't printed when the mime-type is set by libmagic.
It's only printed during propset/propedit. It only targets people
who set a binary mime-type via propset/propedit.

To raise greater awareness the code could be moved into the subversion
library and send a special notification to alert users whenever a property
is set on a file in the working copy, even during 'svn add'. But I don't
think that adds much value over the existing '(bin)' notification.

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