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From Daniel Shahaf <>
Subject Coniguring 301/302 redirects to track an fspath rename
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2013 18:11:22 GMT
Does anyone have an example of how to configure a server to issue
301/302 redirects for an fspath that had been renamed?

For example we have

    <Location /repos/asf>
    SVNPath ...

And we'd like to do:

    # The project was renamed
    Redirect /repos/asf/openejb

but we're hitting various problems:

- The redirect kicks in for historical revisions (prior to the 'svn mv
  ^/openejb ^/tomee' in r1432805) too, such as:

- A similar configuration failed to kick in during update/checkout of
  working copy checked out from (a pre-rename revision of) ^/openejb:
  the initial request got matched and redirected, but a subsequent
  request to /repos/asf/!svn/.../openejb failed to match.

Ideally we'd like to issue a 301 redirect for requests to /openejb that
concern r1432805 or later, but leave requests concerning r1432804 or
earlier untouched.

(or maybe what we *really* want is a repos-side symlink... but we're
running 1.7, not 1.9, and we'll appreciate solutions that work within
that limitation :))

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