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From Julian Foad <>
Subject Re: cannot install to a directory not ending in /home/.../lib/apache2/modules
Date Mon, 11 Feb 2013 16:49:51 GMT
Philip Martin wrote:

> Julian Foad writes:
>>  I am stuck at this point as I don't understand the installation
>>  process well enough.
> We have had similar problems on 1.7.x.  The problem is that the
> build.conf entry
>   install = tools
> causes the module to be installed with LIBTOOL while it should be
> installed with APXS.  On 1.7 we have:
> # This will cause mod_dontdothat to be installed with the other apache
> # modules instead of with the tools. While this is not quite right,
> # the build generator currently cannot exclude this module from the
> # build based on its install type
> install = apache-mod

Can we configure it  to avoid installing it at all?  That would be better than an installation
attempt that errors out.  (The gen-make system doesn't appear to support that right now,
AFAICS -- it doesn't implement a 'none' value and throws an exception if there isn't an 'install='

- Julian

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