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From Julian Foad <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Weird 'svn diff' operation with --old/--new (was: Re: FreeBSD project and subversion.)
Date Fri, 08 Feb 2013 01:59:50 GMT
Alexey Neyman wrote:
> Julian Foad wrote:
>> Alexey Neyman wrote:
>> > I noticed a weird behavior of 'svn diff --old=... --new=...' where
>> > reversing the old/new targets does not produce the reverse diff, as
>> > one would expect.
> [[[
> Make 'svn diff --old=FOO --new=BAR default to WORKING revision for old target
> if new target is explicitly specified, so that it is the reverse diff from 'svn diff
--old=BAR --new=FOO'.
> * subversion/svn/diff-cmd.c
> (svn_cl__diff) Change defaults as described and simplify the logic.
> ]]]

Thanks -- I think this all looks good.

Committed in 1443821, with just some minor editing of the comment.

(Incidentally, applying your patch using 'svn patch' led me to discover a bug in 'svn patch'
which I have just emailed about.)

- Julian

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