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From Philip Martin <>
Subject Re: Subversion BDB doesn't work with Apache 2.4 event MPM
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2012 10:45:57 GMT
Branko ─îibej <> writes:

>> ... I think I may have identified the problem.  The patch below checks
>> that the error struct is allocated and released by the same thread.
>> With the worker MPM the assertion always passes but with the event MPM I
>> get assertion failures.  I don't fully understand the effect this would
>> have but I suspect it explains the problem.
> I think this pretty much explains what you're seeing.

Yes.  Thread A allocates the memory, stores the address in the
thread-specific data, sets the refcount to one and sets up the pool
cleanup handler.  Thread A finishes with the request.  Thread B runs the
pool cleanup handler, sets the refcount to zero, frees the memory and
sets the *wrong* thread-specific data to NULL.  Thread A then gets the
free'd address from the thread-specific data and continues to use
it--all sorts of horrible things follow.

I've raised issue 4157 to track this problem.

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