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From Ashod Nakashian <>
Subject Re: Faster build/check times
Date Sun, 15 Apr 2012 07:56:47 GMT
> From: Daniel Shahaf <>
>Sent: Sunday, April 15, 2012 9:33 AM
>Subject: Faster build/check times
>Trying to enumerate ways to reduce build times.

Very timely! I'm afraid I don't have anything to add, but think it'd be useful to know what's
the *minimum* set of features required to build the API + CLI frontend (i.e. libs + svn).

Alternatively, what features can be disabled and still get the bare minimum output?

(Apologies if I'm being lazy for not playing with configure to figure it out myself - I think
chances are high someone has something handy for pasting at an arm's length.)


P.S. Thanks Daniel for this list!

>Faster builds:
>- export CONFIG_SHELL=/bin/sh (minimal sh preferred)
>- out-of-tree build (i.e., run 'configure' in an empty dir), with the build tree in a
>- disable unneeded components (eg, swig, bdb) when they're not needed
>- pass '-q' to configure, '-s' to make
>- pass '-C' to configure
>- pass '-j' or '-j[number]' to make
>- use cpuset(1)/taskset(1) to bind make to N-1 CPUs
>Faster checks:
>- CLEANUP="" (and rm -rf svn-test-work/ before the build)
>- put svn-test-work/ in a tmpfs
>What else?

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