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From Johan Corveleyn <>
Subject Failing with 1.7.x on Windows (was: Re: 1.7.3 next week-ish?)
Date Thu, 09 Feb 2012 01:33:25 GMT
Having another look at this failure ...

So far, we know (anyone, correct me if I'm wrong):

- 'svnrdump load' in this test fails with: "svnrdump: E140001:
Unrecognized record type in stream". It seems the dumpfile contents of
the file D/H/psi is split incorrectly (property content is dumped
early, and text delta later).

- It only happens on Windows.

- It only happens with ra_serf (both 1.7.x. and trunk) talking to
mod_dav_svn from 1.7.x@>=1239697 (i.e. after backport of r1237720 and
r1239596 (stuff in mod_dav_svn/liveprops.c) from trunk).

- If 1.7.x is rolled back to before r1239697, the problem does not occur.

- The problem does not occur with mod_dav_svn from trunk, not even
when rolled back to (before or after) r1237720 or r1239596.

- So far, it has been reproduced by the buildbot svn-slik-w2k3-x64-ra,
by Stephen Butler, and by my own (32bit) WinXP box. Paul Burba doesn't
see the failure with his Windows build (debug and release).

I'm trying some more experiments. If anyone else has any ideas, shoot ...


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