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From Alexey 0 Moudrick <>
Subject Issue report: subversion 1.7.2 windows command line client cannot copy URL -> WC if URL contains externals
Date Thu, 16 Feb 2012 17:27:07 GMT
Hello, dev,

I've encountered an issue with *svn copy* command.
I report it here because I did not find a way to report in in the issue
tracker <>.
It cannot copy a directory by its url to local working copy if the
directory contains valid svn:external property.
Instead of correct copying, it shows error like this:

*svn: E720005: Can't move* 'C:\t\wc\.svn\tmp\svn-8ED6923C' to
'C:\t\wc\externals-container-copy': *Access is denied.*

The *repro.bat* composed according to
attached (please rename it to repro.bat).

*operating systems* where I tested:

*Windows 7 Professional* x86-32bit SP1 Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
*Windows Server 2008 R2* Standard x64-64bit SP1 Standard Microsoft Windows
[Version 6.1.7601]

*svn versions* where I tested:

svn, version *1.7.2* (r1207936)
   compiled Nov 30 2011, 02:05:23

svn, version *1.7.1* (r1186859)
   compiled Oct 28 2011, 13:40:58

Additionaly, this makes<>contribution
script fail on this error.

Full output of repro.bat:

Base url for repo: file:///C:/t/repos
Making a tree for import...
Importing it...
Checking out working copy..
*Creating valid svn:externals property...*
property 'svn:externals' set on 'wc\externals-container'
Sending        wc\externals-container

Committed revision 2.
*Copying externals container from URL to WC*
 U   wc\externals-container-copy

Fetching external item into 'wc\externals-container-copy\ext1':
Checked out external at revision 2.

Fetching external item into 'wc\externals-container-copy\ext2':
Checked out external at revision 2.

Checked out revision 2.
*svn: E720005: Can't move 'C:\t\wc\.svn\tmp\svn-169DB674' to
'C:\t\wc\externals-container-copy': Access is denied.*
Best Regards
Alexey 0 Moudrick

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