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From Philip Martin <>
Subject dav_svn__insert_all_liveprops asks for directory checksums
Date Mon, 30 Jan 2012 17:00:02 GMT
Checkout a working copy that contains versioned directories from a
server using v1 and serf.  The network traffic includes


for each directory.  It turns out that dav_svn__insert_all_liveprops
doesn't distinguish between files and directories and attempts to
retreive a checksum for the node irrespective of the type.  A recent
change on trunk, r1237720, makes Apache log this error so that adds to
the cost of the operation.

The dav_svn__insert_all_liveprops function is a DAV hook installed with
dav_hook_insert_all_liveprops so I guess that it is possible that other
opeartions may trigger this code.  Should dav_svn__insert_all_liveprops
be determining the node type before requesting a checksum?

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