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From Branko Čibej <>
Subject Re: Let's discuss about unicode compositions for filenames!
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2012 20:11:24 GMT
On 02.02.2012 20:59, Hiroaki Nakamura wrote:
> So we need to change servers too. When servers read filenames from
> repositories, they first convert to NFC and then process commands.

That won't work. You have to do the initial lookup in a
normalization-agnostic way, and neither BDB nor FSFS makes that possible
wihout scanning whole directories.

> We also need to changes servers in order to deal with existing 1.x
> clients. We convert filenames to NFC when web_dav_svn and svnserve
> receive filenames from clients, they must first convert filenames to NFC. 

Actually, libsvn_repos; this has to work with ra_local as well. And it
would have to maintain a table for converting results back to how the
client knows them. This is the hard part to get right; imagine:

    $ svn up
    U čombe

How will the server know if the client represents the "č" in the same
encoding that the now-normalizing server sends? Will the client scan the
directory and normalize the names to find the local file that needs

-- Brane

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