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From Jonathan Nieder <>
Subject Re: [1.7.x] "svn update" tripping assertion when replacing executable by symlink (Re: [bug?] perl bindings: SVN::Ra->new trips assertion when file:// URL contains a space)
Date Mon, 02 Jan 2012 04:38:11 GMT
Stefan Sperling wrote:

> Sounds like we should apply your patch and also backport r1187692.

I applied r1187692 on top of the 1.7.x branch here to see how it
fares.  This time:

 $ svn update
 Updating '.':
 svn: E155010: The node '/home/jrn/src/git/t/trash directory.t9100-git-svn-basic/.git/svn/refs/remotes/git-svn/svn-tree/'
was not found.

Haven't tried trunk yet.  Reproduction recipe below[1].

> The test suite you mentioned which triggers the assertion failure fixed
> by your patch is the git-svn test suite, is it? I think our own
> test suite should be updated to check for this, too.

Yep, it's from the git-svn test suite.  Adding
tests to the svn test suite to cover these things sounds like a very
good idea.  I'll try to get time to do so and will be happy to review
tests if someone else starts the work.

Thanks for your thoughtfulness,

[1] Recipe:

	svnadmin create /tmp/test.repo
	<test.dump svnadmin load /tmp/test.repo
	svn checkout -r4 file:///tmp/test.repo working-copy
	cd working-copy
	svn update

Expected result: executable changes to symlink.
Actual result: svn: E155010: The node '/tmp/working-copy/' was not found.

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