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From "Daniel Shahaf" <>
Subject Re: [RFC] Server Dictated Configuration
Date Tue, 03 Jan 2012 23:16:30 GMT
On Tue, Jan 3, 2012, at 17:58, Paul Burba wrote:
> Mike Pilato and I have been kicking around some ideas on server
> dictated configuration recently and have put our thoughts into a wiki
> (full disclosure: this wiki was initially based on Hyrum's thoughts on
> the subject in
> :
> We're at a point where it's time to solicit some wider feedback, so
> please have a look at the wiki and follow-up here with any concerns,
> thoughts, suggestions, etc..

1. Under "So, the order in which specific configuration options will be
   honored where found is:", you say that ~/.subversion/ settings would
   be overriden by /etc/subversion settings.  That's not how the code
   works today --- i.e., not a compatible change.  Typo?

2. How would failure to create ~/.subversion/repos/${UUID}/foo be
   considered?  Fatal error?  Warning-but-continue?

3. Re password storage: does it make sense to allow the server to push a
   "may store plaintext passwords" setting to the client?  That is a
   security risk, for example, in environments where the password is not
   transmitted on the wire.

   The generic case here is "Allow option <X> to be pushed only to some
   of its possible values".

4. In "Related issues", add the title or description of each
   issue alongside each number? (Thanks.)

5. wrt the '${ASF_REPOS_UUID}:/subversion' use-case, how forward-
   compatible is the proposed design to extensions such as that one?
   (Not saying that specific extension needs to be possible, but we'll
   probably want to extend this feature in various ways in 1.9 and we
   don't want it to be as hard as FSFS to extend.)

> Paul

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