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From Stefan K√ľng <>
Subject svn_client_delete4 can segfault
Date Wed, 07 Dec 2011 19:13:34 GMT

from a few crash reports sent in for TSVN I was finally able to pin down 
the problem:

in libsvn_client\delete.c, line 240 there's a call
repos_relpath = svn_uri__is_child(repos_root, uri, pool);

but that can return NULL.
further below then that repos_relpath is passed to svn_ra_check_path 
which then segfaults.

looking at the code it's possible for repos_relpath to stay NULL, for 
example, if the repo root is passed to svn_client_delete4 - which is of 
course something that can't be done, but segfaulting is bad, instead an 
error should be returned.
And I have to assume that if the url was entered with the wrong case, 
svn_uri__is_child() would also return NULL.

on trunk, svn_uri__is_child() has been replaced with 
svn_uri_skip_ancestor() (r1198802), but it works the same as 
svn_uri__is_child() from what I can see.


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