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From Peter Samuelson <>
Subject Re: [fix ancient snake-2 syntax] ./build/
Date Wed, 03 Aug 2011 19:03:42 GMT

[Douglas Mencken]
> # fix (wrong in year 2011) python2-specific syntax
> sed -i 's/IOError, e/IOError as e/' ./build/

To clarify: Doug wanted this so he could build using Python 3.  I've
explained that we don't support Python 3 in the bindings, so it doesn't
really make sense to use it for building source either.

Further checking: the new exception syntax is new to Python 2.6.
Given that this script is only used in dev builds (not from tarballs),
someone remind me: what's our Py version requirement for dev builds?
It is not specified in INSTALL.
Peter Samuelson | org-tld!p12n!peter |

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