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From Bert Huijben <>
Subject RE: svn_client_status_func_t callback - Java binding may expect an abspath
Date Thu, 23 Jun 2011 17:13:29 GMT
Javahl always calls status with an abspath target as its conversion to
a c string does that.

Bert Huijben (Cell phone) From: Julian Foad
Sent: donderdag 23 juni 2011 18:48
To:; Hyrum Wright
Subject: svn_client_status_func_t callback - Java binding may expect an
Hyrum or anyone,

svn_client_status_func_t is declared as

  /** A callback for reporting a @a status about @a local_abspath.
  ... */
  typedef svn_error_t *(*svn_client_status_func_t)(
                           void *baton,
                           const char *path,
                           const svn_client_status_t *status,
                           apr_pool_t *scratch_pool);

but its "path" parameter is not called "local_abspath" and is not
guaranteed to be an abspath, which is evident from the implementation.

I am satisfied that all but one of the current callbacks is happy with a
non-absolute path.  The only one I can't validate is the JavaHL binding:

  SVNClient::status() in SVNClient.cpp

where, according to the parameter names, it expects an abspath.

Can someone better able to follow the Java code check this?

Then I think we just need to adjust the doc string to say something like
"path, which may be absolute or relative", and rename the JavaHL
parameters to "path".

- Julian

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