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From Noorul Islam K M <>
Subject [PATCH] Re: Regarding issue 3690 - Work in progress
Date Mon, 31 Jan 2011 16:53:48 GMT
Daniel Becroft <> writes:

> On 27/01/2011, at 17:04, Noorul Islam K M <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am planning to work on issue 3690. Before starting with this I have
>> few questions. 
>> 1. Hyrum updated the issue with his comment stating that already there
>>   is work going on in the branch ignore-mergeinfo which addresses
>>   subset of issue 3690, i.e ignoring changes to svn:mergeinfo. Is
>>   svn:mergeinfo an svn property set using svn pset command? I think Zvi
>>   Rackover is talking about a new option passing which a user can
>>   ignore revisions with just the following property changes alone.
>>   author      eol-style   externals   keywords    mime-type   
>>   date        executable  ignore      log         needs-lock  
> Fyi, svn:author, svn:date and svn:log are revision properties - changes to these don't
appear in the log.
> Cheers,
> Daniel
> Sent from my phone.

I started working on this and I think I completed the changes for
svn_ra_local. Attached is the patch. This is a work in progress. I would
like to get some initial comments/suggestions on the patch and would
like to know whether I am proceeding on right direction.

This patch adds new option '--ignore-properties' to 'log' sub
command. If this option is provided then command ignore revisions that
has only property changes from output.

Thanks and Regards

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