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From Julian Foad <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Follow-up to r879452.
Date Tue, 07 Dec 2010 11:00:24 GMT
On Tue, 2010-12-07 at 16:06 +0530, Noorul Islam K M wrote:
> Julian Foad <> writes:
> > Noorul Islam K M wrote:
> >
> >> Log
> >> [[[
> >> Follow-up to r879452.
> >> 
> >> * subversion/libsvn_ra_local/ra_plugin.c
> >>   (svn_ra_local__obliterate_path_rev): Replace call to svn_path_join()
> >>     with svn_dirent_join() function.
> >
> > Hi Noorul.
> >
> > Why?  Please explain.
> >
> Because svn_path_join() is deprecated. I could see similar change done in
> r879452. I thought it will be obvious from the log message because I
> mentioned the revision.

The problem is that svn_dirent_join() is not a simple drop-in
replacement for svn_path_join().  The doc string of svn_path_join()

 * New code should use either svn_dirent_join() (for local paths) or
 * svn_uri_join() (for urls) or svn_relpath_join() (for relative paths).
 * @deprecated Provided for backward compatibility with the 1.6 API.
So you have to work out which kind of path is being joined.  Have a look
at where the arguments come from and how the result is used, and read up
about the three kinds of path mentioned in the doc string, and work out
which one.

(There is also a fourth kind of path, "fspath" which means a relative
path starting with "/", and the function svn_fspath__join(), which
should also be mentioned.  I'll update the doc string in a moment, to
mention that option.)

Also please say how you tested the change: did you run "make
check" (which combination?)?  Did you step through the code in a
debugger and observe the values?  Did you test it in another way?


- Julian

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