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From Stefan Küng <>
Subject Re: Problem with external file
Date Tue, 12 Oct 2010 11:00:14 GMT
On Tue, Oct 12, 2010 at 11:14, Philip Martin <> wrote:
> Bob Fletcher <> writes:
>> For example, in response to svn --version, I would get
>> svn, version 1.7.0 (dev build)
>>    compiled Oct  9 2010, 00:09:42
>> As you suggested, I downloaded the binaries just posted today on the same site.
>> Now in response to svn --version, I get
>> svn, version 1.7.0 (dev build)
>>    compiled Oct 11 2010, 00:09:54
>> Based on the compiled dates, I was very skeptical that there
>> would be any difference. But guess what - the problem went away!
>> I am not certain that everything works perfectly,
>> but I no longer get the crash with the bad error message.
>> Apparently, something was changed while I was adding noise to the forum.
> I'm not sure which revision of Subversion is used in the TSVN nightly
> builds.  The 4603 message is in the Subversion code, it's present in
> r993028, dated 2010-09-06, and not in r996473, dated 2010-09-13.
> That's not necessarily when the problem was fixed, it's quite possible
> that it would have failed with some other error message, but that's
> when Subversion could produce the 4603 message.
> I assume that the TSVN nightly has the most recent TSVN code, but that
> the Subversion code gets updated less frequently -- probably when
> Stefan determines that a recent Subversion "works".

Correct: TSVN nightly builds are always from the TSVN trunk, but due
to the APIs in the svn lib still changing, I can't link the externals
to the svn trunk but only to a specific revision of the svn trunk. The
current TSVN nightly build uses r1006173 of the svn trunk:


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