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From Philip Martin <>
Subject Re: massive memory leak
Date Tue, 19 Oct 2010 16:38:45 GMT
Stefan K√ľng <> writes:

> I'm still using r1023755 from trunk, but I haven't seen a commit which
> I think would fix this:
> There's a massive memory leak somewhere. I can't check out even small
> projects anymore since the memory consumption raises very fast and
> reaches the limit of my available RAM (6GB) after about the first 100
> files. After that, the system isn't usable anymore because the
> constant swapping.
> I then tried an update of the interrupted checkout (had to hard reset
> the system because it wasn't reacting anymore), but the update too
> uses up all memory in a few seconds.
> Switching to neon instead of the default serf fixes the problem. So
> this is limited to either serf itself or ra_serf.
> I'm using serf 0.7.0

On my Linux machine I can checkout Subversion trunk using serf and the
memory used by the process (as reported by top) is about 150MB.  Neon
uses slightly less memory, about 130MB. I'm using Subversion r1024287,
serf 0.7.0, and apr 1.2.12.

Does the problem occur with one big file?  A hundred small files in
one directory?  A hundred nested directories with no files?  With
http-compression?  Over https?


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