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From Stefan Küng <>
Subject Re: massive memory leak
Date Tue, 19 Oct 2010 16:41:55 GMT
On 19.10.2010 18:38, Philip Martin wrote:
> Stefan Küng<>  writes:
>> I'm still using r1023755 from trunk, but I haven't seen a commit which
>> I think would fix this:
>> There's a massive memory leak somewhere. I can't check out even small
>> projects anymore since the memory consumption raises very fast and
>> reaches the limit of my available RAM (6GB) after about the first 100
>> files. After that, the system isn't usable anymore because the
>> constant swapping.
>> I then tried an update of the interrupted checkout (had to hard reset
>> the system because it wasn't reacting anymore), but the update too
>> uses up all memory in a few seconds.
>> Switching to neon instead of the default serf fixes the problem. So
>> this is limited to either serf itself or ra_serf.
>> I'm using serf 0.7.0
> On my Linux machine I can checkout Subversion trunk using serf and the
> memory used by the process (as reported by top) is about 150MB.  Neon
> uses slightly less memory, about 130MB. I'm using Subversion r1024287,
> serf 0.7.0, and apr 1.2.12.
> Does the problem occur with one big file?  A hundred small files in
> one directory?  A hundred nested directories with no files?  With
> http-compression?  Over https?

I tried to check out npp:

Nothing special about file sizes or number of files.

I'm using:
Windows 7 x64
sert 0.7.0, apr 1.3.8, apr-util 1.3.9


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