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From Stefan K√ľng <>
Subject update corrupts wc
Date Mon, 18 Oct 2010 16:50:43 GMT

Using a build from r1023755 (about 3 hours ago), here's how I can 
corrupt the working copy beyond repair (at least I don't know how to 
repair it):

svnadmin create repo
svn co file:///d:/repo wc
cd wc
mkdir test
mkdir test\test
mkdir test\test\test
svn add test
svn ci . -m "adding folders"
svn rm test\test\test
svn ci . -m "removing folder"
svn rm test\test
svn ci . -m "removing folder"

now here, I get an "out of date" error (svn: Directory '/test/test' is 
out of date). Not sure why this would give such an error, but updating 
isn't a big deal so I try this:

svn up .

which corrupts the repository:
    C test\test
...libsvn_subr\sqlite.c:308: (apr_err=235000)
svn: In file '...libsvn_wc\workqueue.c' line 506: assertion failed 

After that, the working copy is corrupted. No command works, not even 
cleanup or status.


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