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From Julian Foad <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] wc-ng - Remove use of entry_t from calculate_target_mergeinfo
Date Tue, 02 Mar 2010 11:25:14 GMT
Philip Martin wrote:
> Matthew Bentham <> writes:
> >  I understood the plan to be that for now we add small
> > routines that call __db routines internally?
> That still leaves the question about _status_moved_here.  The original
> code checked entry->copied and I think that would have included moves,
> since they were just copy+delete, I think you will need
> svn_wc__node_is_status_moved as well.  Perhaps svn_wc__node_get_status
> would be better?

We need to start being precise every time we use a word such as "copied"
in a doc string. Does the meaning include moved? Does it include being
the child or grandchild of a directory that was copied? And so on.

Rather than trying to write a precise prose description in each doc
string, we should strive to cross-reference to some place where the
required meaning is (or should be) documented: in this case, for
example, we could say "copied in the sense of
#svn_wc__db_status_copied", and then that gives the reader a reference
to find the precise meaning.

- Julian

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