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From "Hyrum K. Wright" <>
Subject Re: A website for
Date Mon, 11 Jan 2010 17:12:01 GMT

On Jan 11, 2010, at 11:04 AM, C. Michael Pilato wrote:

> Hyrum K. Wright wrote:
>>> First, we need to decide if we want a hierarchical URL space or a flat
>>> one; if we want self-describing document basenames or if we don't care.
>>> It's the difference between /svn_1.6_releasenotes.html and
>>> /releases/notes/1.6.html (or maybe /release-notes/1.6.html), if you
>>> need a practical example.
>> This is important, but ultimately a bikeshed, I think.  Are there any
>> practical differences between a hierarchical space or a flat one?
> Perhaps not.  I mean, as presented in the larger scope of a website and as
> accessed only via links from elsewhere, definitely not.  I guess I was
> thinking primarily about how in general order is to be valued over chaos,
> and throwing 100 HTML files of multi-various purpose and target audience
> doesn't strike me as orderly.

Ah yes, from a maintainability standpoint, I much prefer a layered approach than a casual
free-for-all (much as we don't put the entire source code in one directory, either).  To some
degree, the structure of the hierarchy manners, but not too much (/release/notes/1.6 vs. /release-notes/1.6
vs. /r/e/l/e/a/s/e/n/o/t/e/s/1/6 )

>> I'm not trying to rush the process at all, I'd just like to get it done
>> and realize that I'm not an authority (or even that proficient) at
>> website design and organization.
> Fair 'nuff.

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