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From Jack Repenning <>
Subject Odd download pattern for SVN 1.6.0 (yes, "0")
Date Tue, 05 Jan 2010 02:29:26 GMT
I just today noticed that a lot of people are still downloading  
CollabNet's certified Subversion Server package, vintage 1.6.0-1 (RC1  
of 1.6.0, forsooth). In fact, it was our number one download last  
week, by quite a wide margin. Intrigued, I dug deeper, and discovered  
that at least the top 50 downloading sites are in China (sez whois,  

Of course, last week was quite low for US and European traffic, while  
the Chinese probably don't much take Christmas off, which probably  
helps to make any activity from China stand out over this week. So I  
went back to some older data (December 13-20), but I find much the  
same pattern there: 1.6.0-1 at the top of the list, overwhelmingly  
downloaded from China.

Could be some kind of crawler or 'bot, I suppose, but the HTTP "User- 
Agents" claim it's Internet Explorer. Could be some crawler or 'bot  
claiming to be IE....

Just curious, but is there some reason Chinese users might be stuck at  
1.6.0? Maybe localization is lagging, something like that?

Jack Repenning
Chief Technology Officer
CollabNet, Inc.
8000 Marina Boulevard, Suite 600
Brisbane, California 94005
office: +1 650.228.2562

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