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From Philip Martin <>
Subject Re: Předmět:,Backends issues overview and SQL backend features
Date Mon, 04 Jan 2010 17:16:17 GMT
Jan Horák <> writes:

> Hi, while I'm preparing to SQL backend analyses/design I've wrote up
> some FSFS and BDB issues and then some features, that can be expected
> from SQL backend. I will appreciate any reaction to following points
> (sorry for the length, but I tried to short it as much as possible).
> First FSFS and BDB issues:
> ------
> * BDB is not portable

The BDB libraries work on a large variety of platforms, the BDB
database files are architecture independent and can be moved between
machines with different architectures.  It's only the BDB environment
files that are machine specific, is that a significant problem?

> Now expected features of the SQL backend:
> ------
> * good read-able by human without need of using db_dump utilities

Are SQL databases human readable?  I always assumed that one used a
front-end query tool, although I do admit that those tools are much
more user friendly than BDB's db_dump.


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