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From Engebakken Geir <>
Subject RE: svnsync "207 Multi-Status" failure with http access method and property "svn:"
Date Tue, 05 Jan 2010 13:41:17 GMT
If someone is interested, this is what I found about cvs2svn problems generating this "207
Multi-status" return code.


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From: Engebakken Geir [] 
Sent: 5. januar 2010 14:21
To: C. Michael Pilato
Cc: Kylo Ginsberg;;
Subject: RE: svnsync "207 Multi-Status" failure with http access method and property "svn:"

Right, but why doesn't the client handle this more "graciously", by examining the result and
maybe point the user in a direction to find the cause of the "failure", instead of just spitting
out "207 Multi-status"? 

In our case we get this message diffing two revisions of a file, but we don’t know why it
fails (although some time ago someone said something about cvs2svn not converting things correctly
in all circumstances, leading to this error?). 

Anyhow, the bottom line for me is that diffing these revisions still fails, and I don’t
know why!


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From: C. Michael Pilato [] 
Sent: 5. januar 2010 13:54
To: Engebakken Geir
Cc: Kylo Ginsberg;;
Subject: Re: svnsync "207 Multi-Status" failure with http access method and property "svn:"

Engebakken Geir wrote:
> It seems to me that the 207 message is not an error message seen from 
> Apache, rather an informative message,  but that SVN interprets it as 
> an error somehow. I would be glad to find out more about this ........

"207 Multi-Status" isn't an error at all.  It's a code from Apache that means, "I've got multiple
different pieces of status information to provide to you -- see the response body for details."

In Subversion, those multiple bits of status generally correspond to individual statii (heh)
of property requests.  Subversion says, "Apache, please send me properties 'foo', 'bar', and
'baz' on file.txt."  But what if there's no 'bar' property on that file?  Apache can't reply
"200 OK", because all is not well.  It can't reply "404 Item Not Found", because some of the
items *were* found.  So it replies "207 Multi-Status", and the body of the response contains
the property values and 200 statuses for the requested properties that actually exist, plus
404 statuses for the properties that *don't* exist.

C. Michael Pilato <>
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