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From Paul Burba <>
Subject Re: 1.6.7 up for signing/testing
Date Mon, 04 Jan 2010 17:01:04 GMT
On Tue, Dec 29, 2009 at 1:20 PM, Peter Samuelson <> wrote:
> [Branko Cibej]
>> I thought we were supposed to be more tolerant of mis-fomatted
>> mergeinfo, not suddenly change the mergeinfo format? What am I missing?
> I thought it was both - parse incorrect mergeinfo, but when writing it
> out, fix it.  I think that's why the test expectations had to be
> changed.

Peter is correct.  With the backport of r889840, when we produce
svn_mergeinfo_t from a string representation, we tolerate relative
merge source paths, but convert those paths to absolute paths in the
resulting mergeinfo.  We also do the same when converting
svn_mergeinfo_t to a string representation.

However, r889840 has nothing to do with the failing Python test,
rather it is the fix for issue #3547 "'svnadmin load --parent-dir
PATH' can destroy mergeinfo" that caused the test to fail.  However,
the test was wrong, it was *expecting* incorrect behavior, see for a full


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