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From Ed>
Subject Re: copy_test, update crash and dirent_uri failure on Windows
Date Wed, 06 Jan 2010 08:59:56 GMT
Bert Huijben wrote:
>>     Program:
>>     d:\other_projs\svn\trunk\Debug\subversion\svn\svn.exe
> ^^^^^
>>     The application has requested the Runtime to terminate it
>>     in an unusual way.
> This is a known issue in APR. Apr doesn't like when any of the active drives
> has a lower case drive letter in its path.
> E.g. see
> and
> Most Windows applications never create lower case drive letters in the
> current directories. E.g
> You have to do special operations to make it happen. Not just switching
> drives.
> E.g.
> C:\> d:
> D:\> cd /d c:\windows
> c:\windows>


> Here you have a lower case drive letter in the current directory. And if you
> would run the tests from this situation you will see the test failure.
> In most cases I heard of this happens because the user uses an alternative
> shell instead of cmd.exe like Cygwin.
> The fix should be implemented in APR and before that you can work around
> this issue by fixing the drive letter casing via the same trick.

Thanks, Bert.

Very much appreciate the help there.


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