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From Ed>
Subject Re: [RFC] mtime functional specification notes
Date Wed, 06 Jan 2010 08:25:38 GMT
Julian Foad wrote:
>> Minor aesthetic change, but one I do agree.  One concern I also
>> had was "am I complicating matters more by introducing so many
>> different mtimes?"
> I'm not 100% clear what those properties are for, but I'm pretty sure
> you are complicating matters too much by suggesting them.

Judging from the response to my rfc, I probably made
a mistake in posting it without considerable forethought.
At that point in time, I thought that it would be more
'informative' were we to include the different properties
to allow users to look up when the file/directory was
added (imported, committed, merged, etc).  Given your
comment, I suppose the required work (as implied by the
  RFC) is probably far less effective/efficient in
dev time usage.

> I think Philip's example was assuming that 'foo' was a versioned file
> that was checked out, and this step is modifying its mtime but not its
> content, and wondering what status that would show and what would happen
> at commit time.

My bad.  I had misunderstood his post.


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