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Subject svn commit: r1828440 - /subversion/site/publish/docs/community-guide/releasing.part.html
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2018 15:02:43 GMT
Author: julianfoad
Date: Thu Apr  5 15:02:43 2018
New Revision: 1828440

* publish/docs/community-guide/releasing.part.html (releasing-upload): New section heading,
and tweak its existing text, for clarity.


Modified: subversion/site/publish/docs/community-guide/releasing.part.html
--- subversion/site/publish/docs/community-guide/releasing.part.html (original)
+++ subversion/site/publish/docs/community-guide/releasing.part.html Thu Apr  5 15:02:43 2018
@@ -1058,6 +1058,12 @@ manager.</p>
 validated, the release is ready for publication.  This section outlines the
 steps needed to publish a Subversion release.</p>
+<div class="h4" id="releasing-upload">
+<h4>Uploading the release
+  <a class="sectionlink" href="<!--#echo var="GUIDE_RELEASING_PAGE" -->#releasing-upload"
+    title="Link to this section">&para;</a>
 <p>Subversion artifacts are distributed through the 
 <a href="">ASF mirror network</a>.  The
 source code <a href="/download.cgi">download page</a> automatically assists users
@@ -1066,20 +1072,19 @@ release for the supported release lines
 previous Subversion releases are available in the
 <a href="">archives</a>.</p>
-<p>Uploading releases to the mirrors is rather straightforward: the RM simply
-moves the tarballs, signatures and checksums from
+<p>To upload a release to the mirrors:
+<pre> move-to-dist 1.7.0
+This moves the tarballs, signatures and checksums from
 <a href=""
 to <a href=""
-There is a subcommand that automates this step:
-<pre> move-to-dist 1.7.0
 It takes the mirrors up to 24 hours to get pick up the new release.
 The archive will also automatically pick up the release.  While
-running move-to-dist will move the signature files committers are
-still able to commit new signatures to <tt>^/release/subversion</tt>
+running move-to-dist will move the signature files, committers are
+still able to commit new signatures to <tt>^/release/subversion</tt>;
 however it will take up to 24 hours for those signatures to mirror.
 Any such signatures cannot be included in the release announcement
 unless 24 hours have passed since they were committed.</p>
@@ -1104,6 +1109,8 @@ clean-dist
 ></a>. (Can we automate that?)</p>
+</div> <!-- releasing-upload -->
 <div class="h4" id="releasing-press">
 <h4>Press releases for 1.x.0 releases
   <a class="sectionlink" href="<!--#echo var="GUIDE_RELEASING_PAGE" -->#releasing-press"

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