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Subject svn commit: r1820522 - /subversion/site/staging/docs/release-notes/1.10.html
Date Mon, 08 Jan 2018 03:18:23 GMT
Author: danielsh
Date: Mon Jan  8 03:18:23 2018
New Revision: 1820522

* docs/release-notes/1.10.html
  (#svn-1.9-old-stable): Use more generic language.


Modified: subversion/site/staging/docs/release-notes/1.10.html
--- subversion/site/staging/docs/release-notes/1.10.html (original)
+++ subversion/site/staging/docs/release-notes/1.10.html Mon Jan  8 03:18:23 2018
@@ -818,9 +818,9 @@ if they occur.</p>
 that 1.9.x will still receive security relevant fixes as well as
 bugfixes. While we will evaluate any bugreport with regards to its
 severity, there might be issues with a lower severity which will
-only get fixed in 1.10.x (this especially applies to issues which
-would require API additions/changes and/or require a significant
-investment to get backported to the old stable version).</p>
+only get fixed in 1.10.x, particularly if the patches would be invasive,
+destabilizing, and/or require a significant investment to get backported to the
+old stable version.</p>
 <p>Therefore, if you are running into an issue with the old stable
 version which has already been fixed in the latest version, we might

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