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Subject svn commit: r1819392 - /subversion/site/staging/docs/release-notes/1.10.html
Date Thu, 28 Dec 2017 03:54:17 GMT
Author: danielsh
Date: Thu Dec 28 03:54:17 2017
New Revision: 1819392

* docs/release-notes/1.10.html
  (#svn-1.8-deprecation): Change wording for unambiguity.
    "No longer supported" could be interpreted as referring to interoperability
    or upgradeability guarantees (which is not the case, of course, but the
    target audience doesn't necessarily know that).


Modified: subversion/site/staging/docs/release-notes/1.10.html
--- subversion/site/staging/docs/release-notes/1.10.html (original)
+++ subversion/site/staging/docs/release-notes/1.10.html Thu Dec 28 03:54:17 2017
@@ -824,12 +824,12 @@ releases.</p>
 </div>  <!-- svn-1.9-deprecation -->
 <div class="h2" id="svn-1.8-deprecation">
-<h2>Subversion 1.8.x series no longer supported
+<h2>Subversion 1.8.x is end of life
   <a class="sectionlink" href="#svn-1.8-deprecation"
     title="Link to this section">&para;</a>
-<p>The Subversion 1.8.x line is no longer supported.  This doesn't
+<p>The Subversion 1.8.x line is end of life.  This doesn't
 mean that your 1.8 installation is doomed; if it works well and is all
 you need, that's fine.  "No longer supported" just means we've stopped
 accepting bug reports against 1.8.x versions, and will not make any

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