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Subject svn commit: r133 - trunk/www
Date Thu, 16 Mar 2017 19:08:34 GMT
Author: markphip
Date: 2017-03-16 12:08:33-0700
New Revision: 133


Update the Subversion Tigris web site following the recent migration of the
issue tracker to the ASF.

* www/index.html
  Remove the text about the issue tracker still being hosted here.

* www/issue-tracker.html
  Redirect to the corresponding ASF page.

* www/project_tools.html
  Rename 'Issue Tracker' to 'Old Issue Tracker' and 'Wiki' to 'Old Wiki'.

Patch by: Julian Foad

Modified: trunk/www/index.html
--- trunk/www/index.html	(original)
+++ trunk/www/index.html	2017-03-16 12:08:33-0700
@@ -26,12 +26,7 @@
    which now calls <a href=""
    style="font-weight: bold;" ></a> home.</p>
-<p>Until the transition into Apache-hood is complete, this site will
-   continue to serve some of the purposes of the Subversion project.
-   For example, the project is still using
-   the <a href=""
-   >issue tracker</a> hosted here.  But in time, it is expected that
-   this site will be converted into mostly just a set of pointers to
+<p>This site is mostly just a set of pointers to
    information that has moved over to the

Modified: trunk/www/issue-tracker.html
--- trunk/www/issue-tracker.html	(original)
+++ trunk/www/issue-tracker.html	2017-03-16 12:08:33-0700
@@ -3,233 +3,12 @@
 <html xmlns="">
 <title>Subversion Issue Tracker</title>
+<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="0; url=''">
-<div class="app">
-<div class="h2">
-<h2>Subversion Issue Tracker</h2>
-<!-- jump to issue form: -->
-<form method="get" style="display: inline;"
-      action="" >
-<div style="display: inline;">
-<input name="id" size="6" />
-<input type="submit" value="Jump to issue" />
-<div class="h3" id="guidelines" title="guidelines">
-<h3>Issue Tracker Guidelines</h3>
-<div style="font-size: 115%; background-color: #ff5; 
-            padding: 1em; margin: 0 2em; border: 1px solid black;"
-     id="buddy-system" title="buddy-system">
-<!-- "line-height: normal" is required to cancel out the line-height
-      specification in the sitewide stylesheet for "#bodycol" -->
-<p style="font-size: 130%; color: red; text-align: center; 
-          line-height: normal; font-weight: bold;">
-We use the "Buddy System" for filing issues.<br />
-Before filing a new issue, please:
-  <li><p><strong>Re-read the documentation</strong>
-      (especially the <a href="faq.html">FAQ</a> and the
-      online <a href=""
-      >Subversion book</a>).</p></li>
-  <!-- Both the link and the search box below will generate results
-       that include resolved/closed issues.  The issue a user is
-       searching for may have been resolved in a subsequent release or
-       on trunk, but we still want them to find that issue, so they
-       don't file a dup. -->
-  <li>
-  <div id="find" title="find">
-  <p><strong>Search the issue tracker:</strong></p>
-  <ul>
-     <li><p><a
-        href=";component=subversion;issue_status=UNCONFIRMED;issue_status=NEW;issue_status=STARTED;issue_status=REOPENED;issue_status=RESOLVED;issue_status=VERIFIED;issue_status=CLOSED;email1=;emailtype1=substring;emailassigned_to1=1;email2=;emailtype2=substring;emailreporter2=1;issueidtype=include;issue_id=;changedin=;votes=;chfieldfrom=;chfieldto=Now;chfieldvalue=;short_desc=;short_desc_type=substring;long_desc=;long_desc_type=substring;issue_file_loc=;issue_file_loc_type=substring;status_whiteboard=;status_whiteboard_type=substring;keywords=;keywords_type=anytokens;field0-0-0=noop;type0-0-0=noop;value0-0-0=;newqueryname=;Submit%20query=Submit%20query&amp;order=issues.issue_status%2C%20issues.issue_id"
-         >List all existing issues</a></p></li>
-     <li><form method="get"
-           action="">
-       <div>
-         <p>
-           <input type="submit" value="Search issue summaries:" />
-           <input type="hidden" name="component" value="subversion" />
-           <input type="hidden" name="short_desc_type" value="substring" />
-           <input type="hidden" name="cmdtype" value="doit" />
-           <input name="short_desc" />
-         </p>
-       </div></form></li>
-     <li><p><a href=""
-         >Structured query of issues database</a></p></li>
-  </ul>
-  </div> <!-- find -->
-  </li>
-  <li><p><strong>Find someone else who agrees this is a bug.</strong>
-      Post to the <a href=""
-      ></a> mailing list (or to
-      <a href=""
-      ></a> if you're already pretty sure
-      it's a bug,
-      <a href=""
-      > if in doubt post to the users list</a>), or chat in 
-      <a href="irc://"
-      >IRC</a>, regarding the bug or feature request you were about to
-      file.  People there will ask you questions, try to reproduce the
-      problem, advise you if there's any past history of similar
-      problems, and in general help you decide whether a new issue is
-      warranted.  If it is, they can also help you get the bug report
-      into a useful form.  See
-      <a href=""
-      >here</a> for how to write a useful bug report.</p>
-      <p>If you do file an issue, <em>remember to include a link to
-      the mailing list message(s) or IRC conversation where you
-      discussed the problem</em>.  Not only does this provide
-      important context for anyone reading the issue, it also confirms
-      that the issue has passed the basic buddy test: you found
-      someone else who agrees it's a problem.  Issues that haven't
-      been through the "buddy system" may be summarily closed.  We're
-      sorry to do this, but statistically, most unbuddied filings turn
-      out to be bogus, and the issue tracker is not a convenient place
-      to separate the good reports from the bad.</p></li>
-<p>We depend on the mailing list and IRC channel as a first level of
-filtering for our bug tracker.  Without this filtering, the tracker
-would be full of duplicate issues, non-issues, and unreproducible
-issues.  Please help us keep the bug database clean, by always finding
-a buddy before you file!</p>
-<p>When mailing the list with a concern, make sure that your e-mail
-describes your bug or enhancement fully.  Provide details about the
-versions of the relevant software (Subversion, Apache, neon, etc.)
-that you are using, about your operating system, and about any other
-thing that might seem pertinent to the issue.  If you can provide a
-script which consistently reproduces a problem, that can be incredibly
-helpful to those evaluating and/or working on your issue.</p>
-</div> <!-- #buddy-system -->
-<div class="h3" id="write-access" title="write-access">
-<h3>Filing New Issues, Modifying Existing Issues</h3>
-<p>You must be <a href=""
->logged in to the web site</a> to add a new issue, or to comment on
-existing issues.  To modify existing issues beyond simply leaving a
-comment&nbsp;&mdash;&nbsp;e.g., to change fields or
-status&nbsp;&mdash;&nbsp;you must be both logged in and have the
-<em>Observer</em> role in the Subversion project; this is true even
-for issues that you created yourself.</p>
-<p>Here's how to acquire the <em>Observer</em> role:</p>
-  <li><a href=""
-      >Log in</a> on the site</li>
-  <li>Go to the Subversion project front page</li>
-  <li>Click on the <em>Request project role</em> link directly below the
-    &quot;Project Home&quot; line</li>
-  <li>Request the <em>Observer</em> role</li>
-  <li>Wait for the confirmation e-mail (almost always will be
-    completed within 24 hours)</li>
-<div class="h3" id="fields" title="fields">
-<h3>What the Issue Fields Mean</h3>
-<p>When an issue is first filed, it automatically goes in the
-<b>"---"</b> target milestone, which indicates that the issue has not
-yet been processed.  A developer will examine it and maybe talk to
-other developers, then estimate the bug's severity, the effort
-required to fix it, and schedule it in a numbered milestone, for
-example <b>1.1</b>.  (Or they may put it the <b><a
->unscheduled</a></b> or <b><a
->nonblocking</a></b> milestone, if they consider it tolerable for all
-currently planned releases.)  </p>
-<p>An issue filed in <b>unscheduled</b> might still get fixed soon,
-if some committer decides they want it done.  Putting it in
-<b>unscheduled</b> merely means it hasn't been scheduled for any
-particular release yet.  The <b>nonblocking</b> milestone, on the
-other hand, means that we do not anticipate ever scheduling the issue
-for a particular release.  This also does not mean the issue will
-never be fixed; it merely means that we don't plan to block any
-release on it.</p>
-<p>Severity is represented in the <b>Priority</b> field.  Here is how
-priority numbers map to severity:</p>
-   <li><b>P1:</b> <i>Prevents work from getting done, causes data
-         loss, or BFI ("Bad First Impression").</i>
-   </li>
-   <li><b>P2:</b> <i>Workaround required to get stuff done.</i>
-   </li>
-   <li><b>P3:</b> <i>Like P2, but rarely encountered in normal usage.</i>
-   </li>
-   <li><b>P4:</b> <i>Developer concern only, API stability or
-         cleanliness issue.</i>
-   </li>
-   <li><b>P5:</b> <i>Nice to fix, but in a pinch we could live with
-   </li>
-<p>Note that we <strong>do not use the PATCH issue type</strong>.
-Please select one of the other relevant issue types (DEFECT,
-ENHANCEMENT, or FEATURE).  If you happen to have a patch to attach to
-an issue, or wish to point folks to a patch for the issue that's been
-submitted to the mailing list, then add the "patch" keyword to the
-issue.  Then, attach the patch or reference the mailing list archive
-URL of the patch-bearing message as needed.</p>
-<p>Effort Required is represented in the <b>Status Whiteboard</b> with
-an "<b>e number</b>", which is the average of the most optimistic and
-most pessimistic projections for number of engineer/days needed to fix
-the bug.  The e number always comes first, so we can sort on the
-field, but we include the actual spread after it, so we know when
-we're dealing with a wide range.  For example
-"<b>e2.5&nbsp;(2&nbsp;/&nbsp;3)</b>" is not quite the same as
-<div class="h2" id="enter" title="enter">
-<h2>Enter the Issue Tracker</h2>
-<p>And so, with further ado, we give you (drumroll&hellip;) the
-   Subversion <a 
-   href="">Issue
-   Tracker</a>.</p>
-<p><i>Again, remember that to add or modify issues, you must be <a
-href="#write-access">logged into the website</a>.</i></p>
+<p>Redirecting to <a
+  href=""
+  ></a></p>

Modified: trunk/www/project_tools.html
--- trunk/www/project_tools.html	(original)
+++ trunk/www/project_tools.html	2017-03-16 12:08:33-0700
@@ -10,8 +10,8 @@
-<li><a href="">Issue Tracker</a></li>
-<li><a href="">Wiki</a></li>
+<li><a href="">Old Issue Tracker</a></li>
+<li><a href="">Old Wiki</a></li>
 </ul><!-- /dd -->
 <!-- End Left Navigation Bar Override -->

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