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Subject svn commit: r1782328 - /subversion/trunk/CHANGES
Date Thu, 09 Feb 2017 13:32:55 GMT
Author: stsp
Date: Thu Feb  9 13:32:55 2017
New Revision: 1782328

* CHANGES: More items for 1.10, covering history back up to end of August 2015.


Modified: subversion/trunk/CHANGES
--- subversion/trunk/CHANGES (original)
+++ subversion/trunk/CHANGES Thu Feb  9 13:32:55 2017
@@ -8,21 +8,75 @@
     * improved interactive conflict resolution for tree conflicts 
     * new and improved implementation of path-based authorization (r1776832)
   - Minor new features and improvements:
+    * Raise additional text merge conflicts in several corner cases (r1731699)
+    * New '--no-flush-to-disk' option for 'svnadmin load' (r1736357, -7357)
+    * New '--file' option for several svnadmin subcommands (r1738021)
+    * New '--max-request-size' option for svnserve (r1714330)
+    * New '--max-response-size' option for svnserve (r1714333)
+    * New -rN option for 'svnadmin lstxns' (r1703699)
+    * Add '--search' option support to 'svnbench null-list' (r1767202)
+    * New '-M' option for 'svnlook tree' (r1708222)
+    * 'svn log --search' is now case-insensitive (r1731300)
+    * 'svn log --search' now ignores diacriticals when matching words (r1735614)
+    * Improved performance of server-side log processing (r1732768, r1731656)
+    * Less processing time and memory usage in diff3 implementation (r1731659)
+    * FSFS: optionally cache node properties without full-text cache (r1723715)
+    * ra_serf: adjustments for serf versions with HTTP/2 support (r1716400)
+    * ra_serf: Use svndiff1 for sending deltas during commit (r1704317, -613)
+    * Make 'svn patch' parse binary diffs in git-style patches (r1703925)
   - Client-side bugfixes:
     * ra_serf: Fix segfault when running over HTTP v1 (r1766089)
+    * ra_serf: keep small svndiffs in memory during commit (r1724455)
     * Raise a malfunction instead of segfaulting with corrupt wc.db (r1749887)
+    * Fix check for unversioned obstructions blocking file externals (r1735932)
+    * Fix behaviour of 'svn patch' if a reject file can't be created (r1725948)
+    * Describe adds and removes 'svn patch' reject file headers (r1707034)
+    * Make 'svn patch' detect recorded moves that are already applied (r1706893)
+    * Make 'svn patch' detect already applied patches in edge cases (r1706687)
+    * Fix handling of missing trailing context in 'svn patch' (issue #4609)
+    * Fix interaction of moves and property changes in 'svn patch' (r1706875)
+    * Fix 'svn patch' output for reordered hunks (issue #4533)
+    * Prevent 'svn patch' from overwriting existing reject files (r1706600)
+    * Improve handling of added properties in 'svn patch' (r1706598)
+    * Improve handling of rejected file deletions in 'svn patch' (r1706221)
+    * Fix 'svn patch --dry-run' with replaced files (r1706217)
+    * Fix 'svn patch' applying prop changes which should conflict (r1705733)
+    * Fix duplicate 'svn patch' notifications when adding directories (r1704883)
+    * Fix duplicate notifications when patching svn:executable prop (r1706078)
+    * Fix 'svn patch' notifications when adding/removing properties (r1705698)
+    * Make 'svn patch' handle already applied property patches (r1705692)
+    * Don't create new file if git-style patch indicates modification (r1706005)
+    * Make diff parser parse any properties following svn:mergeinfo (r1706825)
+    * Fix potential unbounded memory usage in patch parser (r1705979)
+    * Fix problems with --git diffs applied in reverse (r1704854, -88)
+    * Fix a problem with relocating some externals (r1723385)
+    * Fix 'svn diff URL@REV WC' wrongly looks up URL@HEAD (issue #4597)
+    * Fix 'svn diff --no-diff-added' shows properties as added (issue #4596)
   - Server-side bugfixes:
     * Fix checksum validation error due to data eviction from cache (r1781694)
     * FSFS pack: Use unbuffered file streams in a couple of places (r1759405)
     * FSFS: Reduce excessive amount of read and seek syscalls (r1758979, -9399)
+    * FSFS: Reduce memory footprint of cached directories (r1725179)
+    * FSFS: add various checks for integer overflows (r1714372, -32, -34)
+    * FSFS: detect a very unlikely case of item index corruption (r1716973)
+    * FSFS: make handling of revprop size information more resilient (r1716784)
+    * FSFS: don't re-parse a directory which just got committed (r1706679)
+    * mod_dav_svn: omit Cache-Control HTTP header for HEAD URLs (issue #4514)
+    * mod_dav_svn: Reduced memory consumption for DAV merge responses (r1727790)
+    * mod_dav_svn: Don't set a Last-Modified header in GET responses (r1724790)
+    * mod_dav_svn: actually use FSFS transaction directory cache (r1723720)
+    * mod_dav_svn: do not insert newlines in base64 encoded responses (r1712223)
+    * Fix insertion of very large items into the membuffer cache (r1717337, -8)
+    * Fix capacity check of the membuffer cache's prefix pool (r1714356)
   - Client-side and server-side bugfixes:
+    * Fix integer overflow check with >= 1G mergeinfo ranges per path (r1714380)
+    * Fix integer overflow cheks on WoW64 platforms (r1714372)
   - Other tool improvements and bugfixes:
     * Eliminate one client/server roundtrip from checkouts of HEAD (r1779620)
     * Eliminate unnecessary URL reparenting over ra_svn (r1779611, -17)
     * New svn-mergeinfo-normalizer tool (r1695992 et al)
     * Allow configuring to use SMTP SSL (r1777846)
     * svnmucc can now delete directories with deleted children (issue #4666)
-    * Add '--search' option support to 'svnbench null-list' (r1767202)
     * Use SHA-1 checksums to check if working copy files are modified (r1759233)
     * Save a few cycles in svn_stringbuf_set() (r1759177)
     * FSFS: Open transaction's proto revision in write-only mode (r1759135)
@@ -31,6 +85,53 @@
     * Correctly check result from LoadLibrary() call on Windows (r1755983)
     * FSFS/FSX: chunked read support for changed paths lists (r1746026, -4987)
     * FSFS: do not read very long change lists in block read mode (r1746012)
+    * FSFS: avoid double DAG lookup (r1711582)
+    * FSFS: avoid double cache lookup (r1710370)
+    * FSFS: increase default revprop pack size from 4k to 16k (r1709799)
+    * FSFS: speed up revprop access (r1707986 et al)
+    * FSFS: disable representation sharing for directories (r1706619)
+    * FSFS: speed up transaction processing for large directories (r1706617)
+    * FSFS: tune format 7 pack ordering heuristics (r1706615)
+    * FSFS: reduce I/O overhead during history traversal (r1703237)
+    * FSFS: Use native Windows API to guarantee data is flushed (r1701053)
+    * FSX: add checksums to packed revprop manifests and files (r1713132, -9717)
+    * FSX: significantly reduce size of packed revprop manifest data (r1713109)
+    * FSX: improved on-disk representation of property lists (r1717427)
+    * FSX: New in-repository representation of directories (r1712967)
+    * FSX: make 'svnadmin recover' discard all transactions (r1712937)
+    * FSX: reduce number of fsync operation s (r1711354 et al)
+    * Minor enhancements, mostly in treating symlinks (r1732669)
+    * svnsync: Fix assertion failure with up-to-date repositories (r1727140)
+    * Distinguish out-of-memory error from abort() on Windows (r1724784, -809)
+    * mod_dav_svn: improve performance and memory usage of PROPFIND (r1721732)
+    * mod_dav_svn: Show process-id on Windows in /svn-status page (r1718567)
+    * ra_svn: string unmarshelling more resilient with corrupt input (r1718267)
+    * ra_serf: parallel requests for text and property changes (r1716575)
+    * ra_serf: improve error messages related to lock operations (r1716450)
+    * ra_serf: work around a bug in serf bucket handling (r1714806)
+    * mod_dav_svn: advertise svndiff1 support to clients (r1704891)
+    * mod_dav_svn: remove disk I/O to TMPDIR during first commit (r1716240)
+    * svnserve: remove disk I/O to TMPDIR during first commit (r1716240)
+    * optimize 'svn blame' a bit (r1711666)
+    * svnbench: show wall-clock time when done (r1703383)
+    * svnbench: show number of bytes transferred across the network (r1710586)
+    * svnbench: actually evaluate the '--with-no-revprops' option (r1709593)
+    * triple the performance of URI escaping implementation (r1710099, -103)
+    * Expose some error messages generated by github's SVN server (r1707164)
+    * Change some 'svn patch' notifications to 'U' instead of 'G' (r1706693)
+    * Make 'svn diff --git' show diffs of symlinks like git and hg (r1706372)
+    * Make 'svn patch' capable of handling git-like symlink changes (r1706446)
+    * Improve detection of additions and deletions in 'svn patch' (r1706623)
+    * Make 'svn diff --git' produce 'rename from/to' headers (r1706855)
+    * Make 'svn diff --git' produce proper mode headers (r1706041)
+    * Make 'svn patch' handle zero-byte files vs deleted files (r1705856)
+    * Evaluate 'old mode' and 'new mode' lines from git-syle diffs (r1705391)
+    * Make 'svnfsfs stats' show average lengths of delta chains (r1705739)
+    * Enable buffered stdin for svnrdump and svndumpfilter (r1703074)
+    * Explicitly release file locks on Windows (r1702089)
+    * Remove Windows-specific slowdown during pristine cleanup (r1701641)
+    * bash_completion: Implement much better URL completion (r1701494)
+    * bash_completion: Complete arguments to svn info --show-item (r1698276)
  Developer-visible changes:
   - General:
@@ -38,21 +139,42 @@
     * Unbreak the test suite on Python 3 (r1743034, -81, et al)
     * Make the test suite work when checked out of a git repository (r1771118)
     * Add INSTALL instructions for building with OpenSSL 1.1.0 (r1778313)
+    * Removed support for building with Visual Studio 6.0 (r1703419)
+    * Improved INSTALL instructions for Windows (r1703470, -2, -3, -4, et al)
     * The C test scheduler is more efficient in SMP environments (r1775555)
     * The C tests convert paths from/to UTF-8 more efficienly (r1775642)
+    * 'make check GLOBAL_SCHEDULER=1' will run many tests in parallel (r1716399)
     * Add basic tests for svn_xml_parser_t API (r1765214)
     * Allow Apache HTTPD with mod_deflate in testsuite on Windows (r1758776)
     * Make download Googlemock and Googletest from GitHub (r1746303)
+    * Silence compile-time deprecation warnings with SASL on Mac OS X (r1739649)
+    * New '--enable-apache-whitelist' configure script option (r1732294)
+    * Allow tests to be run over HTTP/2 (r1710707)
   - API changes:
+    * New svn_client_conflict_* API functions for the new conflict resolver.
     * New svn_repos_fs_get_mergeinfo2() with streamy access (r1780810 et al)
+    * New streamy svn_repos_get_logs5() API function (r1730389, -1163)
+    * New streamy svn_fs_paths_changed3() API function (r1727822, r1745055)
     * New svn_ra_list() API function (r1767190)
     * New svn_repos_list() API function (r1765088)
     * New svn_stream_contents_checksum() API function (r1755486, -6651)
-    * NEw svn_fs_paths_changed3() API function (r1745055)
+    * New svn_io_file_get_offset() API function (r1719269)
+    * New svn_base64_encode2 API function (r1711517)
+    * New svn_fs_create2() API function (r1710631)
+    * New svn_string_from_stream2() API function (r1710065)
+    * New svn_io_write_atomic2() API function (r1703142)
+    * New svn_stream_for_stdin2() API function (r1702983)
+    * New svn_io_file_rename2() API function (r1701017)
+    * svn_repos_parse_dumpstream3() now accepts NULL pointers (r1700180)
   - Bindings:
     * Configure the swig bindings only if swig has been enabled (r1751167)
+    * Error if configure --with-swig is used and swig is not found (r1700844)
     * Perl: Fix build with libraries in non-standard LD_LIBRARY_PATH (r1781588)
     * JavaHL can now get revision properties along with log messages (r1780819)
+    * JavaHL: Allow access to constructors of a couple JavaHL classes (r1739704)
+    * JavaHL: Correct some JNIEntry method names (r1706738)
+    * Allow swig bindings scripts to configure the FSFS cache (r1709922)
+    * Disable some swig wrappers that aren't working (r1700966)
 Version 1.9.5
 (29 Nov 2016, from /branches/1.9.x)

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