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Subject svn commit: r1636526 - /subversion/branches/move-tracking-2/BRANCH-README
Date Tue, 04 Nov 2014 09:17:41 GMT
Author: julianfoad
Date: Tue Nov  4 09:17:40 2014
New Revision: 1636526

On the 'move-tracking-2' branch: Tweak BRANCH-README: add to-do items.


Modified: subversion/branches/move-tracking-2/BRANCH-README
--- subversion/branches/move-tracking-2/BRANCH-README (original)
+++ subversion/branches/move-tracking-2/BRANCH-README Tue Nov  4 09:17:40 2014
@@ -38,6 +38,7 @@ Work on this branch:
     To do:
+      copying: fix translation to Ev1 of operations nested inside a copy
       dissolve (unbranchify)
       provide a way to specify a mixed-rev base state
       copying: use Ev1 copy rather than plain add to commit a move
@@ -46,12 +47,17 @@ Work on this branch:
       change the editor API so that the branch is specified explicitly
         by each action instead of having a 'main' branch for the whole
+      synthesize element tracking info (instead of aborting) when reading
+        a revision that was committed by a non-move-tracking client
+      make the user interface degrade cross-branch moves so that the user
+        gets some sort of reasonable result rather than an error
   * The model.
     To do:
-      copying: model copying as a (tree) relationship between elements?
+      copying: model copying as a (tree) relationship between elements
+        that is the same across all branches in a family?
   * Develop a 'commit editor' interface supporting moves.

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